Introducing Cats

The Barrier

To keep the new cat and resident cat separated during the introduction process, a simple barrier can be placed in a doorway using a wood frame screen door without damaging your existing woodwork.  These doors are available in widths of 30", 32", 34" and 36" and can be purchased at The Home Depot and Lowes for $19.99.  The only hardware required is a hook and eye latch set. Door handles can be attached for convenience but they're not necessary. Hinges and additional holes are not required.

Intro_barrier_01.jpg (240032 bytes) Intro_barrier_02.jpg (252083 bytes)

Place the screen door between the existing door and the door jam. The exsting door and jam will keep the screen door in place and allow it
to open and close in the normal fashion.
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The screen door is held shut with a simple hook and eye latch set. To avoid drilling holes in the door frame, remove one screw from the strike
plate and screw the the hook assembly into that hole. Screw the eye into the screen door.   Be sure to screw the hook assembly into the strike
plate hole first and then line up the eye in the door with the hook.  This will also allow you move the screen door from room to room when
necessary without realigning or repositioning the eye. Door knob assemblies and strike plates are usually installed in the same location in all the doorways of a home.  That's it!  The project takes less than 15 minutes.