Caltha spp.

Common name(S) Bull flower, cowslip, kingcup, horse blob, May blob, meadow bright, soldier's buttons.

Toxin(s) Protoanemonin.

Toxic part(s) Whole mature plant (immature plants are boiled and eaten as greens).

Signs The toxin is quite irritating to mucous membranes. Blisters are commonly seen after the plant is chewed. Ingestion is rare. If ingested, signs of severe, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis are seen.

Treatment Usually only symptomatic for oral vesicles or ulceration. Rarely, gastric emptying may be required if large ingestions are witnessed. Activated charcoal and a cathartic are administered after gastric emptying. Fluids are administered to support blood pressure, perfusion, and hydration as necessary. Analgesics may be indicated.