Aethusa cynapium

Common name(S) Fool's parsley, dog parsley, dog poison, false parsley, fool's cicely, lesser hemlock, small hemlock.

Toxin(s) Aethusin, related to cicutoxin.

Toxic part(s) Whole plant.

Signs Most commonly only nausea and vomiting seen. Severe signs could include convulsions, respiratory arrest, and death, but concentration is usually too low to cause these signs



1.    Secure the airway and ventilate if needed. 2. Administer supplemental oxygen..

2.   Secure venous access. Collect blood and urine for laboratory testing.

3.    Administer isotonic crystalloids as needed to support blood pressure and perfusion.

4.    Control seizures


Induce emesis only if the ingestion was within the last 60 minutes and the patient shows no clinical signs. Perform gastric lavage if the ingestion was within the last 2 to 4 hours. Give repeated doses of activated charcoal. Administer saline cathartic. Magnesium- containing solutions should be avoided.

•    Consider whole bowel irrigation using CoLyte or GoLytely.

•    Monitor and correct electrolyte imbalances.