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Listed here are plants poisonous or toxic to cats that must be avoided if there are cats in your home. Note that lilies(*), in particular, are dangerous to cats. While in some cases, just parts of a plant (bark, leaves, seeds, berries, roots, tubers, spouts, green shells) might be poisonous, this list rules out the whole plant if any part is toxic. If you must have any of them, keep them safely out of reach.

Toxic Plants Index, provides an extensive list of genus/species and common names of plants known to be toxic to small animals. After the index, each plant species is written up with a brief description of the known common names, the toxin or toxins produced by the plant, and the part or parts of the species that are known to be toxic. A paragraph describing clinical signs caused by the plant is followed by known treatment recommendations.

Should your cat eat part of a poisonous plant, rush the cat to your veterinarian as soon as possible. If you can, take the plant with you for ease of identification.

If you do not see a particular plant on this list, the omission DOES NOT indicate the plant is not poisonious.  Always check with your veterinarian before bringing any plant into your home.


Acacia; see Acacia dealbata
Acalypha; see Acalypha
Aconite; see Aconiturn
Adam-and-Eve plant; see Arum
Adelfa; see Nerium
Algerian ivy; see Hedera helix
Allamanda; see Allamanda cathartica
Almond, see Prunis
Aloe; see Aloe
Amaryllis; see Amaryllis or Hippeastrum
American allspice; see Calycanthus
American ivy; see Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Anemone; see Anemone
Anthurium; see Anthurium
Anturio; see Anthurium
Apple; see Malus sylvestris
Apricot; see Prunus
April fool; see Anemone
Arum lily; see Zantedeschia
Asthma flower; see Lobelia
Autumn crocus; see Colchicum autumnale
Azalea; see Rhododendron


Baneberry; see Actaea
Barbados lily; see Amaryllis or Hippeastrum
Barbados nut; see Jatropha
Barbados pride; see Caesalpinia
Bead vine; see Arbrus precatorius     
Bean tree; see Laburnum anagyroides
Bear's foot; see Aconitum
Beauty of the night; see Mirabilis
Beaver poison; see Cicuta
Beefsteak plant; see Acalypha
Belladonna; see Atropa belladonna
Belladonna lily; see Amaryllis or Hippeastrum
Berlander lobelia; see Lobelia
Bird-of-paradise bush; see Caesalpinia
Bird-of-paradise flower; see Strelitzia reginae
Bitter almond; see Prunus
Black calla; see Arum
Black-eyed Susan; see Abutilon hybridum
Black locust; see Robinia
Black nightshade; see Atropa belladonna and Solanum
Black walnut; see Juglans
Bleeding heart; see Dicentra
Blue cardinal flower; see Lobelia
Blue cohosh; see Caulophyllum  thalictroides
Blue ginseng; see Caulophyllum thalictroides
Blue star; see Ipomoea tricolor
Blueberry root; see Caulophyllum thalictroides
Bluebormets; see Lupinus
Bog laurel; see K'almia
Bog onion; see Arisaema
Boneset; see Eupatorium
Bongay; see Aesculus
Brown dragon; see Arisaema
Bubby-blossoms; see Calycanthus
Bubbybush; see Calycanthus
Buckeye; see Aesculus
Buckthorn; see Rhamnus
Buffalo burr; see Solanum 
Bull flower; see Caltha       
Bull nettle; see Solanum       
Burn bean; see Sophora           
Burroweed; see Isocoma
Buttercup; see Ranunculus
Bushman's poison; see Acokanthera


Cactus; see Lophophora
Caladium; see Arum
Caley pea; see Lathyrus
Calfkill; see Kalmia   
Calico bush; see Kalmia
California false -helleborc; see Veratrum 
California fern; see Conium       
California rose bay; see Rhododendron
Calla lily; see Zantedeschia   
Calycanth; see Calycanthus
Canary ivy; see Hedera helix
Candelabra cactus; see Euphorbia  
Candlenut; see Aleurites
Candleberry; see Aleurites
Cape belladonna; see Amaryllis or Hippeastrum
Caper spurge; see Euphorbia
Cardinal flower; see Lobelia
Carolina allspice; see Calycanthus
Carolina horse nettle; see Solanum
Carolina (yellow) jasmine; see Gelsemium sempervirens
Carolina (yellow) jessamine; see Gelsemium sempervirens
Cashes; see Conium
Castor oil plant, castorbean; see Ricinus communis
Cat's-eyes; see Anemone
Ceriman; see Monstera
Chenille plant; see Acalypha
Cherry (Carolina cherry, sour cherry, sweet cherry, laurel cherry); see Prunus
Children's bane; see Cicuta
China tree, Chinaball tree,
Chinaberry; see Melia azedarach
Chinawood oil tree; see Aleurites
Chinese inkberry; see Cestrum
Christ-thorn; see Euphorbia
Chokecherry (black western chokecherry southwestern chokecherry, western chokecherry); see Prunus
Climbing lily; see Gloriosa
Cloverbloom; see Baptisia
Clustered fishtail palm; see Caryota
Coffeeberry; see Rhamnus
Cohosh; see Actaea
Common tansy; see Tanacemm
Conquerors; see Aesculus
Copperleaf; see Acalypha
Cordatum; see Philodendron
Coral bead plant; see Abutilon hybridum
Coral bean; see Sophora
Coral plant; see Jatropha
Corn lily; see Veratrum
Country walnut; see Aleurites
Cowslip; see Caltha
Crab's-eye vine; see Abutilon hybridum
Crazyweed; see Astragalus or Oxytropis
Crocus; see Colchicum autumnale
Croton; see Croton
Crown flower; see Calotropis
Crown of thorns; see Euphorbia
Cuckoopint; see Arum
Cuckoo plant; see Arisaema
Cutleaf philodendron; see Monstera
Cypress spurge; see Euphorbia


Daffodil; see Narcissus
Dasheen; see Colocasias
Datura; see Datura
Day lily; see Hemerocallis
Day-blooming jasmine; see Cestrum
Day-blooming jessamine; see Cestrum
Deadly nightshade; see Atropa belladonna or Solanum
Death camas; see Zygadenus
Death-of-man; see Cicuta
Delphinium; see Delphinium
Devil's-apple; see Datura and Solanum
Devil's ivy; see Monstera
Devil's trumpet; see Datura
Digitalis; see Digitalis
Dogbane; see Apocynum
Dog parsley; see Aethusa cynapium
Dog poison; see Aethusa cynapium
Doll's-eyes; see Actaea
Dragon arum; see Arisaema
Dragon tail; see Arisaema
Dragon's-head; see Arisaema
Dumbcane; see Dieffienbachia
Dutchman's -breeches; see Dicentra
Dwarf bay; see Daphne
Dwarf laurel; see Kalmia
Dwarf poinciana; see Caesalpinia


Easter lily; see Lilium   Very Toxic To Cats
Elder, elderberry; see Sambucus
Elephant's ear; see Colocasia or Alocasia
Emory milk vetch; see Astragalus
English ivy; see Hedera helix
Eucalyptus, see Eucalyptus spp
European bittersweet
see Solanum
European hemlock; see Conium
Everlasting pea; see Lathyrus
Eyebright (only when Indian tobacco); see Lobelia


Fairy bells, fairy cap, fairy glove, fairy thimbles; see Digitalis
Fall crocus; see Colchicum autumnale
False hellebore; see Veratrum
False indigo; see Baptisia
False parsley; see Aethusa cynapium
False sago palm; see Cycas revoluta
February daphne; see Daphne
Female water dragon; see Calla palustris
Fire dragon; see Acalypha
Firethorn; see Pyracantha
Fish poison; see Aesculus
Fishtail palm; see Caryota
Flamingo flower; see Anthurium
Flamingo lily; see Anthurium
Flat pea; see Lathyrus
Flat-topped spurge; see Euphorbia
Flax olive; see Daphne
Fleur-de-lis; see Iris
Flowering spurge; see Euphorbia
Flying saucers; see Ipomoea tricolor
Folk's-glove; see Digitalis
Fool's cicely; see Aethusa cynapium
Fool's parsley; see Aethusa cynapium
Foothill death camas; see Zygadenus
Four-o'clock; see Mirabilis
Foxglove; see Digitalis
Foxtail; see Acalypha
Friar's cap; see Aconitum
Friar's cowl; see Aconitum
Frijolillo; see Sophora
Fruit salad plant; see Monstera


Gag weed; see Lobelia
Garden hyacinth; see Hyacinthus
Garden monkshood; see Aconitum
Garlic; see Allium sativum
Gloriosa lily; see Gloriosa
Glory lily; see Gloriosa
Giant milkweed; see Calotropis
Golden pothos; see Epiprenum
Graceful nightshade; see Solanum
Grassy death camas; see Zygadenus
Great blue lobelia; see Lobelia
Great laurel; see Rhododendron
Great lobelia; see Lobelia
Green dragon; see Arisaema
Golden chain; see Laburnum anagyroides
Goldenrod; see Isocoma
Goosefoot; see Chenopodium
Gosling; see Anemone


Hairy nightshade; see Solanum
Hairy spurge; see Euphorbia
Hartshorn plant; see Anemone
Heavenly blue; see Ipomoea tricolor
Helmet flower; see Aconitum
Hemp dogbane; see Apocynum
Herb bonnet; see Conium
Herb Christopher; see Actaea
High belia; see Lobelia
Hog physic; see Lobelia
Holly; see Ilex
Horse blob; see Caltha
Horse chestnut; see Aesculus
Horse fleaweed; see Baptisia
Horsehead; see Philodendron
Horse nettle; see Solanum
Horsefly; see Baptisia
Horsefly weed; see Baptisia
Hurricane plant; see Monstera
Hyacinth; see Hyacinthus
Hydrangea; see Hydrangea


Indian apple; see Datura
Indian hemp; see Apocynum
Indian licorice vine; see Abutilon hybridum
Indian pink; see Lobelia
Indian-tree spurge; see Euphorbia
Indian tobacco; see Lobelia
Indian walnut; see Aleurites
Inkweed; see Phytolacca
Iris; see Iris
Irish potato; see Solanum
Italian arum; see Arum
Ivy; see Hedera helix
Ivy bush; see Kalmia


Jack-in-the-pulpit; see Arisaema
Jacob's coat; see Acalypha
Jaggary palm; see Caryota
Jamaican walnut; see Aleurites
Jamestown weed; see Datura
Japan oil tree; see Aleurites
Japanese andromeda; see Pieris
Japanese aucuba; see Aucuba japonica
Japanese laurel; see Aucuba japonica
Japanese privet; see Ligustra
Japanese show lily; see Lilium Very Toxic To Cats
Jatropha; see Jatropha
Jerusalem cherry; see Solanum
Jimmyweed; see Isocoma
Jimsonweed; see Datura
Jonquil; see Narcissus


Kansas thistle; see Solanum
Kill-cow; see Coniurn
Kingcup; see Caltha


Laburnum; see Laburnum anagyroides
Lady laurel; see Daphne
Lady's -thimbles; see Digitalis
Lambert's crazyweed; see Oxytropis
Lambkill; see Kalmia
Lamb Is -quarters; see Chenopodium
Lantana; see Lantana
Larkspur; see Delphinium
Leafy spurge; see Euphorbia
Lesser hemlock; see Aethusa cynapium
Licorice vine; see Abutilon hybridum
Lily; see Gloriosa, Hemerocallis, Lilium, Ornithogalum, Urginea Very Toxic To Cats
Lily of the field; see Anemone
Lily of the valley; see Convallaria majalis
Lion's beard; see Anemone
Lion's-mouth; see Digitalis Lirio; see Amaryllis or Hippeastrum
Lobelia; see Lobelia Locoweed; see Astragalus, Oxytropis Locust; see Robinia Lousiana belia; see Lobelia
Love apple; see Solanum
Love apple; see Lycopersicon esculentum
Love bean; see Arbrus precatorius
Lucky bean; see Arbrus precatorius
Lupine (many types including Big Bend lupine, Douglas spurred lupine, low lupine, silvery or silky lupine, loose flower lupine, Washington lupine); see Lupinus


Mad apple; see Datura
Madeira ivy; see Hedera helix
Marble queen; see Epiprenum
Marvel of Peru; see Mirabilis
Match-me-if-you-can; see Acalypha
May blob; see Caltha
Meadow bright; see Caltha
Meadow death carnas; see Zygadenus
Meadow saffron; see Colchicum autumnale
Memory root; see Arisaema
Mescal, mescal buttons; see Lophophora
Mescal heart; see Sophora
Mexican breadfruit; see Monstera
Mexican elderberry; see Sambucus
Mezereon, mezereum; see Daphne
Milkbush; see Euphorbia
Milk spurge; see Euphorbia
Milkvetch; see Astragalus
Mimosa; see Acacia dealbata
Mistletoe; see Phoradendron or Viscum album
Monkey-fiddle; see Euphorbia
Monkshood; see Aconitum
Monstera; see Monstera
Moonflower; see Datura
Morning glory; see Ipomoea tricolor
Mother-in-law; see Monstera
Mountain laurel; see Kalmia
Mountain fetterbush; see Pieris
Mu oil tree; see Aleurites
Mu tree; see Aleurites
Mulberry; see Morus
Mushrooms; also Agaricus, Amanita, Boletus, Chlorophyllum, Clitocybe, Conocybe, Copelandia, Coprinus, Galerina, Gymnopilus,Gyromitra, Inocybe, Lactarius, Lepiota, Panaeolus, Psilocybe, Russula Mushroom Toxicity
Musquash poison, musquash root; see Cicuta
Mustard; see Brassica
Mysteria; see Colchicum autumnale


Naked lady; see Colchicum autumnale
Naked lady lily; see Amaryllis or Hippeastrum
Natal cherry; see Solanum
Nebraska fern; see Conium
Necklacepod sophora; see Sophora
Necklaceweed; see Actaea
Nettle; see Urtica
Night-blooming jasmine; see Cestrum
Nigbt-blooming.jessamine; see Cestrum
Nightcaps; see Anemone
Nightshade; see Atropa belladonna or Solanum
Nimble weed; see Anemone
Nut Falls death camas; see Zygadenus


Oleander; see Nerium
Otaheite walnut; see Aleurites


Pacific yew; see Taxus
Pale laurel; see Kalmia
Palma christi; see Ricinus communis
Panela; see Philodendron
Papoose root; see Caulophyllum thalictroides
Pasqueflower; see Anemone
Passionflower; see Lycopersicon esculentum
Passion fruit; see Lycopersicon esculentum
Peach; see Prunus
Pearly gates; see Ipomoea tricolor
Penciltree; see Euphorbia
Petty spurge; see Euphorbia
Pepper turnip; see Arisaema
Peyote; see Lophophora
Philodendron; see Philodendron or Monstera
Philippine medusa; see Acalypha
Physic nut; see Jatropha
Pie plant; see Rheum rhaponticum
Pigeonberry; see Rhamnus
Pigtail plant; see Anthurium
Pineapple shrub; see Calycanthus
Pink-lady; see Amaryllis or Hippeastrum
Plum (common plum, wild plum); see Prunus
Poinsettia; see Euphorbia
Poison bush; see Acokanthera
Poison hemlock; see Conium
Poison ivy, poison oak; see Rhus and Toxicodendron
Poison parsley; see Conium
Poison tree; see Acokanthera
Poison vetch; see Astragalus
Poisonweed; see Delphinium
Pokeberry, pokeweed, poke salad see Phytolacca
Popdock; see Digitalis
Pothos; see Epiprenum
Prairie berry; see Solanum
Prairie crocus; see Anemone
Prairie dogbane; see Apocynum
Prairie hen's flower; see Anemone
Prairie indigo; see Baptisia
Prairie smoke; see Anemone
Prayer bead; see Arbrus precatorius
Prayer bean; see Arbrus precatorius
Prickly poppy; see Argemone
Priests pentle; see Arisaema
Privet; see Ligustra
Puke weed; see Lobelia
Purple nightshade; see Solanum
Pyracantha; see Pyracantha


Rabbit flower; see Digitalis
Rattlebush, rattleweed; see Baptisia
Rayless goldenrod; see Isocoma
Red baneberry; see Actaea
Red bead vine; see Arbrus precatorius
Red bean; see Sophora
Red emerald; see Philodendron
Red-hot cattail; see Acalypha
Red lobelia; see Lobelia
Red mulberry; see Morus
Red princess; see Philodendron
Red squill; see Urginea
Red-stemmed peavine; see Astragalus
Resurrection lily; see Amatyllis or Hippeastrum
Rhododendron; see Rhododendron
Rhubarb; see Rheum rhaponticum
Richweed; see Eupatorium
Rosary pea; see Arbrus precatorius
Rose bay; see Rhododendron
Rose laurel; see Nerium
Rosenlorbeer; see Nerium
Rubrum lily; see Lilium    Very Toxic To Cats


Sacred datura; see Datura
Sago palm; see Cycas revoluta
Sandbriar, sand brier; see Solanum
Scarlet lobelia; see Lobelia
Seminole bread; see Arbrus precatorius
Sheepkill; see Kalmia
Shoofly; see Baptisia
Silver bush; see Sophora
Silver wattle; see Acacia dealbata
Silverleaf nightshade; see Solanum
Singletary pea; see Lathyrus
Scoke; see Phytolacca
Skoke; see Phytolacca
Skunk cabbage; see Symplocarpus and Veratrum
Sleeping nightshade; see Atropa belladonna
Small hemlock; see Aethusa cynapium
Snakeberry; see Actaea
Snakeroot; see Eupatorium
Snakeweed; see Conium
Snow-on-the-mountain; see Euphorbia
Soldier's buttons; see Caltha
Soldier's-cap; see Aconitum
Solomon's lily; see Arum
Spicebush; see Calycanthus
Spotted cowbane; see Cicuta
Spotted hemlock; see Conium
Spotted parsley; see Conium
Spotted spurge; see Euphorbia
Spreading dogbane; see Apocynum
Spurge olive; see Daphne
Squaw root; see Caulophyllum thalictroides
Squill; see Urginea
Squirrel corn; see Dicentra
Staggerweed; see Delphinium
Star-of -Bethlehem (lily); see Ornithogalum
Starchwort; see Arisaema
Stinging nettle; see Urtica
Stinkweed; see Datura
Strawberry bush; see Calycanthus
Summer skies; see Ipomoea tricolor
Sun spurge; see Euphorbia
Sweet Betty; see Calycanthus
Sweet pea; see Lathyrus
Sweet shrub; see Calycanthus
Swiss cheese plant; see Monstera


Tailflower; see Anthurium
Tansy; see Tanacetum
Tapiro; see Sambucus
Taro; see Colocasia
Taro vine; see Epiprenum
Texas buckeye; see Aesculus
Texas croton; see Croton
Texas loco; see Astragalus
Texas mountain laurel (not to be confused with Kalmia); see Sophora
Texas thistle; see Solanum
Thimbleweed; see Anemone
Thimbles; see Digitalis
Thoroughwort; see Eupatorium
Tiger lily; see Lilium     Very Toxic To Cats
Timber milk vetch; see Astragalus
Thornapple; see Argemone
Three-leaved Indian turnip; see Arisaema
Throatwort; see Digitalis
Tobacco (inc. burley tobacco, coyote tobacco, desert tobacco, tree tobacco, wild tobacco);see Nicotiana; see also Nicotine,
Toddy fishtail palm; see Caryota
ToIguacha; see Datura
Tomato; see Lycopersicon esculentum
Toothed spurge; see Euphorbia
Treadsalve; see Solanum
Trompillo; see Solanum
Trumpet flower; see Gelsemium sempervirens
Tuber anemone; see Anemone
Tufted fishtail palm; see Caryota
Tung nut; see Aleurites
Tung oil tree; see Aleurites
Turk's cap; see Aconitum


Umbrella tree; see Melia azedarach


Variegated philodendron; see Epiprenum
Virginia creeper; see Parthenocissus quinquefolia


Wake-robin; see Arisaema
Walnut; see Juglans
Water arum; see Calla palustris
Water dragon; see Calla palustris
Water hemlock; see Cicuta
Water lobelia; see Lobelia
Waxleaf privet; see Ligustra
Weather plant or vine; see Abutilon hybridum
Wedding bells; see Ipomoea tricolor
Western azalea; see Rhododendron
Western baneberry; see Actaea
Western bleedingheart; see Dicentra
Western hellebore; see Veratrum
Western monkshood; see Aconitunt
White laurel; see Rhododendron
White loco(weed); see Oxytropis
White mulberry; see Morus
White potato; see Solanum
White sanicle; see Eupatorium
White snakeroot; see Eupatorium
Wicky; see Kalmia
Wild bleedingheart; see Dicentra
Wild calla; see Calla palustris
Wild corn; see Veratrum
Wild crocus; see Anemone
Wild indigo; see Baptisia
Wild licorice or vine; see Abutilon hlvbridum
Wild monkshood; see Aconitum
Wild tobacco (only as Indian tobacco); see Lobelia
Wild winter pea; see Lathyrus
Windflower; see Anemone
Wine palm; see Caryota
Winter fern; see Conium
Wintersweet; see Acokanthera
Wisteria (Japanese wisteria, Chinese wisteria); see Wisteria
Witch's thimbles; see Digitalis
Wode whistle; see Conium
Wolfsbane; see Aconitum
Wonder bulb; see Colchicum autumnale
Woodbine; see Parthenocissus quinquefolia
Woolly locoweed; see Astragalus


Yellow allamanda; see Allamanda cathartica
Yellow ginseng; see Caulophyllum thalictroides
Yellow jasmine; see Gelsemium scmpervirens
Yellow jessamine; see Gelsemium sempervirens
Yellow monkshood; see Aconitum
Yew (American yew, English yew, ground hemlock,
    Japanese yew, Pacific yew, western yew); see Taxus




If you do not see a particular plant on this list, the omission DOES NOT indicate the plant is not poisonious.  Always check with your veterinarian before bringing any plant into your home.

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